How to stay productive working from home

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

During this time a lot of us had no choice but to stay Home, however, that doesn’t mean we get to lay in bed or couch all day. I’m not gonna lie, the first two weeks I was on vacation, I cleaned and organized every room in the house, watched shows, movies, caught up on Youtube videos, and was living my best life. Then week three hit and that’s when I realized…This is going to last a while. I found myself struggling with work and staying focused and organized, because I’m home all day, it’s easy to get distracted with other things and not be as productive. So I started writing down all the things that were distracting me and here’s what I’ve come up with…

  • Not having a designated area for work

It’s easy to pick up your laptop and start working from bed, or the couch buuuuuuut, this is also a terrible idea. Being cozy and comfortable immediately send the signal to your brain that it is “chill time” even when you’re trying to get some work done. I recommend setting up a space just for work, this could be your office, a guest room, even your dining table, somewhere that’s not typically where you relax.

  • Having a messy work space

I don’t know about you, but I can’t concentrate if there’s mess around me, it makes me feel trapped, ok maybe that’s a little too dramatic, but I really can’t concentrate. I find that when I clean up and put everything in its place I have a more productive work day.

  • Dress for success

Not gonna lie, some days I don’t want to get out of my cozy Pjs, but actually dressing up and getting ready in the morning as if you were going somewhere changes your mood instantly. LOOK GOOD = FEEL GOOD, this doesn’t mean you gotta put on jeans, I’m not that crazy, I wanna look good but comfort is my priority, I find that cute sweats and tee shirt, or even paperbag pants and a loose blouse will make you look put together and ready to conquer the world while being comfy

  • Determine what’s your prime time and work during those hours

Almost every video I’ve seen on “How to be productive” Talks about waking up early in the morning and start your day before everyone else does, but the reality is, not everyone is a morning person, yes you can train your body to wake up early, but if you’re a creator like me, sometimes your brain is just not feeling it. So instead of forcing myself to wake up at 5AM and start my work day, I figured out what time is best for me to work. If you’re a night owl you can set your work hours later in the day, if you got kiddos at home you probably sleep when they sleep and take care of them when they’re up so don’t feel like you’re failing because you couldn’t wake up early girl, work around your schedule, do what works for you and your family. Remember, we’re in the middle of a pandemic not a productivity contest.

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