How to dress your curves

Styling your curves can seem challenging at first, but once you find what works for you it’s actually fun. I’ve been a curvy gal my entire life, but I wasn’t always this confident, it took me years of breaking through and acceptance to finally be comfortable in the skin I’m in.

Do I wish I had a prefect body ? No cellulite ? No stretch marks ? Absolutely ! But let me tell you, once you accept yourself and become a part of a positive community that empowers you instead of criticize you, lift you up instead of bring you down, everything changes and you actually start seeing how beautiful you are. We all come in different shapes, there’s beauty in all of them.

I’m sharing with you my favorite ways to style my curves, the best part is once you realize what works for your body shape, shopping for new clothes becomes a lot easier!

Peplum Tops:

If your body type is a pear (like myself) or you just want to accentuate your mid section, Peplum tops are your best friend. They’re great if you’re looking to create the illusion of a curvier figure. Make sure the bottoms you’re wearing are high enough so you can’t see the waistband. Skinny or Slim pants are ideal since they create a tapered look that makes your hips look curvier and your waist look smaller.

Off the shoulder tops:

By creating a horizontal line across your chest you’re emphasizing the widest part of your body, making your waist look smaller by comparison. Wear it with a wide leg pant or A line skirt, it creates a balanced hourglass shape.

Go high high on the waist :

High waisted jeans are a MUST if you want to define your waist and create the “hourglass” illusion, whether you’re curvy or slim, high waisted jeans look good on almost anyone. My favorite style is the high waisted mom jean, I love the fact that it flattens my tummy but they’re a little bit more relaxed on the legs so it balances my body perfectly, if you’re bottom heavier (Booty and Legs for days) you’ll love this style !

Low Necklines :

If you want to accentuate the curves on your upper body AKA (the girls), find clothes with a lower neckline. Showing a little cleavage without being inappropriate is a great way to show off your collarbone in a flattering and classy way.

Wrap It Up ! :

Wrap style tops and dresses are a great way to accentuate your curves. This style is phenomenal because not only it accentuates your waist, but also your chest area since they usually have a low neckline. My favorite part is that they usually come in very light and breathable fabrics so they’re perfect for the spring and summer, or if you live in Miami all year around.

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