You have found a professional photographer to take some amazing pictures, engagement, wedding, maternity, professional headshots, you name it. You have your hair and makeup team ready to go, but you're missing a piece to the puzzle, your wardrobe! The outfits that you choose to wear during your photo-shoot are just as important as the two previous elements, so it's best to leave these three factors in a professional's hands. All three elements work together simultaneously to ensure the best possible outcome from your photo. I will work directly with your photographer to make sure the outfits align with the aesthetics of the studio. 


Phase One : Preparation 


We'll schedule a consultation in person or over the phone to discuss your ideas and vision for this photoshoot. I'll prepare a shared Pinterest board with outfits ideas, color palettes, and styles that I believe will suit you the best.



Phase Two: The outfits 

I'll come to your house and will out together some beautiful outfits for you to wear. If you're not happy with the pieces you currently have in your closet, we can go shopping for new outfits, do not worry.  



Phase Three: Photoshoot Day !


Woohoo !! Sorry, I know this isn't about me but I can't help it. I love to hype my clients up (I'll be in the back reminding you how amazing you look) Ok back to work...I'll come to the photoshoot, unpack, prepare, steam all the looks and have all the accessories ready for you to wear.


Feeling confident has such a big impact on how your pictures will turn out. My job is to show you how how beautiful you are, even before the outfits and the makeup and hair. 


**Personal Shopping Services not included. Available upon request


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