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Imagine This ...

Having space for new clothes.

Have ready to-go outfits that fit your lifestyle


Not having to think " What do I wear today ? "

Walking into a closet that sparks joy.

 Take Action ...

Let's book a Free Consultation and set up an action plan that'll help you save time, money and energy. 

Hi ! My name is Ana Laura, MIA based personal stylist and the woman behind "The Curvy Styles".

I was always told to pursue a "Real Career" so I went to college to become an Occupational Therapist, deep down I knew that wasn't it for me so I decided to switch gears and get into the Beauty & Fashion industry.


I became a licensed esthetician and opened my spa room where I met the most incredible women. But I felt like I wanted to do more than just beauty.

I created "The Curvy Styles" to help women dress better, become a better version of themselves and feel empowered and confident in their own skin. 


Are you ready to start dressing like the successful woman you are ? 

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